Hartbeespoortdam Practical Shooting Club

The founding of the Hartbeespoortdam Practical Shooting Club was a dream come true for a group of young and energetic shooting enthusiasts from the Hartbeespoort area. Prior to the forming of the club, members were mainly shooting under the colors of both Premier and Akasia Shooting Clubs.

Most of the founder members stay in Hartbeespoort, an active community which had been without a practical pistol club for many years. Premier Club was a day’s travel by horse, and Akasia closed its doors.

The club was founded in 2003, without a designated shooting range. The range at NECSA, Pelindaba was used in the beginning, but it was soon realized that this range was unsuitable for practical pistol shooting. Further negotiations resulted in an agreement whereby the Hartbeespoortdam club could use the Pretoria Defense Practical Shooting Club Range at Eeufees road, and this range is still used both for practice and competitions.

It will always be a dream of most members to have a shooting range in Hartbeespoort…

We compete under International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) rules, and encourage members to participate in 3 Gun competitions. Shooting is scheduled as per a pre arranged calendar that can be found on this website.

We are fully accredited with North Gauteng Practical Shooting (NGPSA) and South African Practical Shooting (SAPSA) Associations.

If you consider joining us, prepare to have FUN in a safe environment.

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