Hartbeespoortdam Practical Shooting Club

How to join HPSC.


Complete an application form and send it in to the club secretary.

Documents that must accompany the application:

  • 2x ID photo’s
  • Copy of ID document
  • Signed Indemnity form
  • Non- refundable application fee of R260 per application


Pre requisites’ for membership approval

  1. Pass an open book exam on the 2016 IPSC Handgun rules - (Pass mark - 75%)
  2. Undergo two (2) safety assessment sessions under the supervision of the Safety officer before being allowed to participate in club events  - Participation in the safety assessments will count towards attendance points
  3. Attend an interview by the Committee once you have received no less than 3 club points - Time and place will be communicated.
  4. Once approved by the Committee, the Chairman will approve your application and you will receive full membership status.
  5. Membership card will be issued after full membership approval.


Dedicated Sport Shooter Status

To achieve Dedicated Sport Shooter status a person :

1.       Must be a member of an affiliated club

2.       Be actively participating in competition at Club, Provincial or National level.

To be classified as actively participating you must earn a minimum of 6 points during a 12 month period. You must be a member of NGPSA and SAPSA to qualify for these points.

The points are allocated as follows

·         Club competition = 1 point

·         Provincial league = 2 points

·         National match = 3 points

Points can be earned by attending an IPSC Provincial league or National match in any Province. Keep a record of matches you have attended by keeping your points book up to date. At the end of year your club will require you to provide proof of the points acquired during the year which will be easy if your record book has been kept up to date. If you don"t have a record book ask the club Chairman or Secretary.

SAPSA is required to submit a list of all current members and their status (points for the year) to the CFR at the end of each year, to indicate which members are active or not for the applicable year.

Details for process & procedure for members applying for Dedicated Status letters:

Members must request their Dedicated Status letters from their Club Chairperson, who will then forward the club points to the Provincial Chairperson, who in turn will then forward final points to the SAPSA Office. The member must have acquired six (6) points to qualify for a Dedicated Status letter and these six points must be acquired during the current membership year. Previous shoots attended as a non-member do not count towards the yearly six points that are required.

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